About Brain Care Hospital

Brain Care Hospital is the state of art psychiatric and de-addiction clinic providing comprehensive treatment and counselling services. The clinic offers a very relaxed and homely comfort for the patients and their families. The clinic has an understanding staff to cater to the needs of the patients and their families. We offer a range of psychiatric medical specialties that deals in diagnosis, study, prevention, and treatment of mental illness. We have a mission to provide affordable and 24 x 7 treatment for mentally ill and drug addicts in a well-equipped indoor facility while maintaining their confidentiality.

We are transparent, very much committed to our works with a devoted soul, and with the expertise and knowledge at is maximum. Our primary motto is to give service first. We know that if we can provide excellent service, business is definitely going to follow. We know the mantel agony the patient and relatives as suffering when he becomes ill. A patient coming to a hospital is in his most serious mental status. We know that this is true for most of the patients coming to the hospital. We feel sympathetic, empathic and we are here to serve this distress soul, to our maximum capability. We are here to give day and night 24 hours a day, 365 days’ year. We are here to give all types of services a patient might prepare under one umbrella.

Our Treatment Facilities

Emergency care (24 hr)

Brain care Hospital provides a 24×7 emergency care. We have expertise in crisis intervention and suicide prevention management and in handling acutely disturbed patients. If you or someone you care about requires such emergency care, call +91 92658 25572 for assistance.

Psychiatric ICU facility

Psychiatric intensive care is for patients who are in an acutely disturbed phase of a serious mental disorder. There is an associated loss of capacity for self-control, with a corresponding increase in risk, which...

Outpatient care

Brain care hospital provides consultations, counselling, therapies and assessments for a variety of psychological, psychiatric and other mental healthcare & well-being services.

Admission facility

Our inpatient psychiatric services provide 24/7 support in a safe, structured environment. This program is an ideal healing setting for those who are experiencing an acute psychiatric concern due to mental illness and/or chemical dependence.

Psychological Assessment

Brain care hospital offers psychological testing with specialization in children, adolescents, adults, and seniors seeking testing regarding psychological needs (psychological diagnosis, deficits, and traits).

Counselling centre

It is unfortunate that society still stigmatizes mental health and mental health management today. It is common for many people who could benefit from counseling to avoid it for fear of judgment and ridicule from family, friends, and peers.

Stress management

Life can be stressful—you may feel stressed about performance at school, traumatic events (such as a pandemic, a natural disaster, or an act of violence), or a life change. Everyone feels stress from time to time.

Suicide prevention

Suicide is when people harm themselves with the goal of ending their life, and they die as a result. A suicide attempt is when people harm themselves with the goal of ending their life, but they do not die.

Memory clinic

Becoming forgetful does not necessarily mean that a person has dementia. As part of the ageing process, some people may notice some mild slowing in their memory and thinking.

Headache and neuropsychiatry clinic

Brain care hospital’s Headache Center evaluates and manages all types of headaches – whether they occur a few times a year or are utterly relentless on a daily basis.

Child guidance clinic

Children and adolescents with mental health disorders need to get help as soon as possible. Parents and other caregivers should seek help if children display any of the following warning signs:

Sexual problem clinic

Sexual dysfunction can be any problems that prevent a person or couple from experiencing satisfaction from sexual activity. Some 43% of women and 31% of men report some degree of sexual dysfunction.

Geriatric clinic

As people get older, the way their body responds to medical problems changes. For instance, people become less able to fight infections. As a result, it is more important for them to get certain vaccines.

Academic guidance clinic

Our main work of a school counselling program is to address the personal, social and academic growth and development of all the students. The major focus of is to help the students achieve success in school and become responsible and productive members of society.


Telemedicine can increase the reach to unreached for providing healthcare by leveraging technology. Telemedicine is not new to India. It has been in dormant mode since past two decades and now since Covid-19, it has come into forefront.

Why Choose Brain Care Hospital?

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Daily Assistance

Recovery Monitoring, assistance in daily activities and regular updates to family relatives about the progress.

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Best Living Conditions

Recovery Monitoring, assistance in daily activities and regular updates to family relatives about the progress.

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24/7 Professional Care

Doctors, nurses, attendants are available 24/7 so that each patient gets 360 degree of attention and the necessary treatment.

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Experienced Psychiatrist

The Brain Care Hospital is headed by renowned psychiatrists Dr. Vaibhav Joshi & Dr. Anuja Joshi and has been providing psychiatric, dementia and de-addiction treatments for over for quite a few years. He is ably assisted by an experienced, multi-disciplinary team of experts including psychiatrists, mbbs doctors, psychologists, certified addiction counsellors, nurses and other medical professionals.

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Psychotherapy Unit

We have a separate psychotherapy unit with expert psychologist to do psychological, cognitive and behavioural therapies and testing. We also run a 12 step de-addiction program.

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Social Activities

Extra activities plays vital role. We have daily yoga, meditation sessions, Dramas, Plays, Dance, Music and Other entertainment programs helps people in speedy recovery.

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