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Geriatric clinic

Why Is My Age Important?

As people get older, the way their body responds to medical problems changes. For instance, people become less able to fight infections. As a result, it is more important for them to get certain vaccines. Keep in mind, though, that getting older does not have to mean that you get sicker and more frail. Many of the changes that happen with aging are not in fact “normal” parts of aging. Always check with your doctor about any changes in your body or your health. That way you can find out if there are any treatments that might help.


We created our geriatric psychiatric units to address the special needs of seniors who are experiencing emotional and behavioral changes. The units provide a safe, secure environment essential to successful in-patient psychiatric treatment. These specially designed units include group dining and activities rooms, separate consultation, and counselling rooms. Patients receive medical and psychiatric evaluation and treatment, as well as pharmacotherapy, individual, family, and/or group counselling services. The typical length of stay is from 12 to 14 days. We work with the abilities of each patient to restore mental health by creating new behaviours. The treatment plans we create are individualized, and involve a team approach that focuses on patient strengths.