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Memory clinic

About The Memory Clinic

Becoming forgetful does not necessarily mean that a person has dementia. As part of the ageing process, some people may notice some mild slowing in their memory and thinking. This is normal. If, however, the changes become progressively more obvious and begin to impact your everyday life, you should consider going for an assessment of your memory and thinking.

Symptoms Of Memory Loss And Changes In Thinking

  • Rapid forgetting
  • Repeated questions or conversations
  • Losing items frequently or regularly, for example, a wallet or keys
  • Forgetting appointments, birthdays or social commitments
  • Frequently getting lost whilst driving
  • Regular problems finding words during conversations
  • Difficulties learning new skills
  • Reduced ability in doing familiar tasks (e.g. bill paying or cooking)
  • Feeling overwhelmed or confused by new situations

Brain care hospital’s Memory Clinic offers assessment, support, information and advice to those with memory problems and their caregivers.